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American Collegiate Adventures

ACA’s mission is to provide university based pre-college summer programs creating an interactive environment which allows students to benefit from a well-balanced and structured experience both in and out of the classroom. ACA is dedicated to offering the finest educational and cultural experiences which positively impact the lives and futures of dynamic students and engaging staff from around the globe.

High School Summer Study Abroad Program in Florence
Trevi Fountain Rome Italy Pre College Summer Program

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Here’s What Sets ACA Apart!

ACA delivers the most personalized program available!

Our staff members dedicate themselves to offering the finest in classes, activities, workshops and semi-private athletic instruction. Each student creates a summer that matches his or her interests!

ACA provides the comforts you deserve!

ACA accommodations are renowned for being safe, clean and comfortable. Upscale residences stateside are in the heart of a classic college town! Overseas, our hotels in Florence and Barcelona are in the midst of urban European excitement and in the center of the cities.

ACA is in the best locations!

Whether students are stateside enjoying Madison’s lakeside appeal, Los Angeles' coastal views or the rich history of Boston or headed overseas to the modernist energy of Barcelona, or the Renaissance splendor of Florence, every ACA location offers a unique combination of cultural diversions, academic resources, reassuring safety – and great summer weather!

ACA offers the best enrichment and college credit classes!*

ACA provides challenging courses taught by engaging academic professionals. We offer a diverse selection of classes, field trips and special events, ensuring that every student has an enlightening summer. ACA programs, stateside and Europe alike, provide structure and security on a residence-stay philosophy. ACA’s bilingual staff members also live on-site and are dedicated to improving the language skills of each student! *College credits provided by ACA's partnering universities.

ACA is unmatched in ensuring student SAFETY!

We never use public transportation – ever. We charter private, air-conditioned coaches or hire vehicles for every trip, whether it’s a weekend visit to a college campus or an evening trip to an activity across town.

What Really Makes ACA the Best?

Quite simply, our people. ACA stands alone, because our staff creates an atmosphere that provides students with the resources, guidance and attention they deserve. That’s why ACA has one of the lowest student-to-staff ratios of any pre-college program in the industry: 8:1 in Europe and 10:1 in the US!


Most frequent questions and answers

A: All ACA students stay at coed facilities staffed with 24-hour security. Each locale has been selected for its high safety standards. Students are chaperoned by ACA staff members throughout their stay. Additionally, our safety policy also requires students to travel in pairs or groups.

A: Most students spend between $150 and $200 per week on souvenirs, snacks, laundry and personal items. (Allowance should be based on individual spending habits.)

A: We recommend that families provide their students with an ATM card, so that they can control how much money their student has access to throughout the summer.

A: We meet every student at ACA-selected airports upon arrival. All she has to do is look for ACA staff shirts and signs.

A: ACA students are always within minutes of world-class medical services should an unlikely emergency occur. In the case of any accident or illness, ACA staff members accompany students to appropriate medical facilities and immediately notify parents or guardians.

A: ACA students on domestic programs live in upscale residence halls on-campus. ACA students abroad live in upscale hotels in the center of the city. All residences are safe with 24/7 security and reception. ACA Staff live on the same floors as the students. 

A: You don’t have to be concerned, because ACA never uses public transportation. We take privately chartered, air-conditioned motorcoaches to all of our destinations, daily excursions and weekend
 adventures. Only ACA students and staff members are allowed on board.

A: ACA is an independently run pre-college program that works in cooperation with the many reputable universities and colleges we either stay at or visit throughout the summer.