Great Reasons Why an ACA Summer is the Absolute Best!

  • Deluxe accommodations in our “Dorms Beyond the Norm” – complete with air conditioning, laundry and housekeeping services – make being homesick almost impossible!
  • Our great dining services, restaurant visits and flexible meal plans mean nobody ever goes hungry! And you’ll always get to enjoy your favorites.
  • From water parks to karaoke nights, dance cruises to outdoor concerts, there’s a guaranteed good time offered all the time!
  • ACA friends can become college friends, and college friends can become friends for a lifetime.
  • A huge variety of courses, from internships and special interests to SAT Prep and foreign languages means there are plenty of awesome opportunities to learn. Everyone comes home from an ACA summer feeling enriched and inspired!
  • We offer one of the lowest student-to-staff ratios in the industry, which lets us provide a greater variety of activities and ensures that every student gets the attention he or she deserves!
  • Weekend Adventures are always included! That’s the ACA way!
  • This complete combination of academics, activities and adventures guarantees that every ACA student has an awesome summer. This unique, all-inclusive approach is what has kept ACA at the top of the country’s best pre-college programs!


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