"I wanted to thank you for making Glen's summer a FANTASTIC one! Like our daughter Natalie before him, he had THE greatest summer of his life. We are now even greater fans of ACA, if that is even possible. Job beyond well done! The Stegmans love ACA!!!!!!"
Patty Stegman, Tenafly, New Jersey

"Drew had a blast, I appreciate you taking such good care of her during this fantastic and unforgettable summer! She will have memories to last a lifetime. My husband and I are very appreciative of this opportunity for Drew to study and live in Florence with ACA."
Amy Katz, Potomac, MD

"ACA is two for two, as both of my daughters had the BEST summer of their lives at ACA-Wisconsin. Great job to you and your staff, once again."
Pamela Ben-Yishay, Woodbury, New York

"Elaine and her friends had a wonderful, unforgettable experience in Florence. Thanks so much for all your efforts. I would recommend ACA to everyone!"
Corie Adjmi, Brooklyn, New York

"Kyle came home from ACA Florence a more mature, confident 16 year old. He says, "this was the best summer of his life"! The program was organized, structured and interesting on many levels! The group leaders couldn't have been nicer and more prepared for this amazing group of kids. The influence of the food, classes, clubs, culture and friendships have certainly shaped Kyle during an important time in his life. Thank you for all that you did for Kyle."
Linda and Paul Jacobs, Bedford,  New York

"I want to thank you ACA. My daughter had the greatest experience of her life and loved every minute of it!"
Luciane Turkienicz, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

"My daughter had a fantastic experience at ACA-Wisconsin and still keeps in close contact with the new friends that she made. My husband and I can't thank you enough and would recommend your program to anyone!"
Heidi Kahn, Northbrook, Illinois

Our son had a wonderful experience in Madison. Kudos to ACA staff for putting together a terrific program! Nicholas is proudly wearing his University of Wisconsin colors as he returns to his high school this fall – a walking advertisement for a great summer in Madison!
Carol Wilkins, Berkeley, California

"I just wanted to give a special thanks to the entire ACA team for running an absolutely PERFECT program!"
Eric Darmais, Mazmet, France

We want you to know how much Adam enjoyed his summer with ACA. He enjoyed the courses, community service, and the activities you provided. He also met a wonderful group of young people. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience in such an organized fashion! Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Susan and Richard Raphael, Westport, Connecticut

We were a bit apprehensive at the start, as Michelle embarked on her summer in Seville without knowing anyone on the program. She fell in love with the country, improved her Spanish, made new friends and had her best summer ever! She loved the ACA staff and can’t wait to go back to Spain. I highly recommend the ACA experience!
Lisa Simon, Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

My son Brett had not only the greatest summer, but the greatest experience of his life. The friendships he made were so amazing he now rooms with the friends he met at ACA in college.
Lisa and Steven Barocas, Plainview, New York

As a college counselor, I receive many invitations for students to participate in summer programs. It is difficult to endorse or recommend programs that I know nothing about. I am so pleased that Ashley and Cameron had such delightful experiences. In the future, I will not hesitate to suggest American Collegiate Adventures to my students.
Sharon Cravanas, Oakland, California


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