College Essay and Personal Statement Workshops



It’s the dreaded college-application essay, describing detailed accounts of achievements, successes and academic goals. It can be overwhelming for anyone! Of course it’s easy to recall personal achievements, but how to write them all down in an interesting way, now that is a different story. The College Advantage’s essay-writing workshop helps students fearlessly face writing blocks and fears. Our essay-writing specialists work with the students to create standout essays that not only reflect life goals but also what’s unique and compelling about each student as a dynamic and creative individual, just the type of student whom colleges seek today.

Students are only given one chance to make a first impression, and this is done through their personal essays. That’s why the writing faculty focuses on making each student a stronger, more interesting writer, one who exudes confidence, intelligence and personal drive. We’ll help students convey distinct points of view and give them the tools to talk about personal achievements. These tools give each student a closer connection to future college and career goals. Our instructors are highly qualified, having helped students year after year develop strong, compelling, well-rounded application essays. This course will leave students with personal essays that will set them apart and highlight strengths and accomplishments. Just remember that although applying to college can be overwhelming, it can also be very empowering!

Our Academic Faculty
The College Advantage faculty comprises highly skilled writers, guidance counselors and college/career advisers who offer incredible insight into the college admissions process. Our writing instructors provide individual assistance and have years of experience fine tuning the art of the effective personal statement. Every writing instructor will help students focus on the writing process by employing the use of rough drafts, revisions and editing. Peer workshops and individual guidance will also be used to help students improve their writing skills. Our specialized counselors travel the country working with students to discuss, plan and prepare for their “best-fit” colleges. These individuals will foster discussions describing the best ways to accomplish personal goals and help devise an individualized plan with schedules and timelines for the college application process. Our goal is to make sure we prepare our students to leave The College Advantage program confident and ready to excel with personalized admissions plans!

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