College Advising


The college you attend creates one of the most defining experiences in your life. It determines the education you’ll receive, the friends you’ll make, and, more than likely, the career you’ll have. The College Advantage wants to make sure that you start it all off right. Our college counseling sessions pair you with experienced professionals who will help you figure out your collegiate goals. With breakout groups, mini workshops and one-on-one sessions, you’ll learn about the admissions process, which programs interest you most, what factors into college selections, and how to prep for campus visits. You’ll complete this program feeling confident, knowing how to navigate this process in order to make the best decisions for your academic future.

Exploring the Best Colleges and Selecting the Best Fit for You!

At each of The College Advantage programs, a team of experienced college counselors will lead students in their discovery of the perfect college. All The College Advantage advisers are seasoned admissions professionals, whose experience provides invaluable insight and guidance on the admissions experience and process. The College Advantage advisers develop varied strategies to share information with our students, such as one-on-one college advising sessions and a series of informative college admissions workshops/discussions along with eye-opening college visits.

Personalized College Advising Sessions

One-on-one counseling sessions are designed to give The College Advantage students an opportunity to work with their designated college counselor about their specific admissions goals or challenges during their private advising sessions. Students and counselors work together to better define student interests and future college preferences. Students complete The College Advantage advising sessions with a clear picture of their college admissions goals and how to accomplish them during the remainder of their time in high school.

The College Advantage Workshops and Discussions

Each evening, students and The College Advantage college counselors will get together to focus on select aspects of the college admissions process. Workshops provide an excellent forum for college counselors to share information and for students to ask questions and participate in peer discussion. Every student is provided with specialized materials to review after the workshop. The workshops give students an idea of what colleges may be best suited for their future endeavors. The College Advantage workshops assist our students in developing the necessary tools to successfully manage the admissions process. Sample workshop topics include Evaluating the Best-Suited College, How to Tackle College Admissions Step-by-Step, The Application Process, College Visits and Tours, Time Management: Courses and Extracurriculars, and How to Ace College Essays.

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