Enrollment Options

You will be able to choose one of the following options for your stay in Barcelona:

 ► Option ONE:
(3 College Credits)* 
• 1 Spanish Language Course

• 1 College Elective Course

► Option TWO:

• 2 College Elective Courses

► Option THREE:
(3 College Credits)*
• 1 Spanish Language

• 1 SAT Prep Course

► Option FOUR: 

• 1 College Elective Course 

• 1 SAT or ACT Prep Course

2-Week Option: (No College Credit)
• Students enrolled in ACA’s 2-week program will select two courses.

 *Please Note: There is a $295 fee for the 3 credit option. 


ACA’s Barcelona programs combine a community-service opportunity, a college-level language class, an SAT or ACT prep course or your choice of select enrichment courses. Run by The International College of Barcelona, the language classes benefit from being held in the midst of Barcelona’s Spanish culture, adding depth to the conversation few conventional classrooms can match! Courses meet five days a week and are graded on a conventional grading system.

Students can earn 3 college credits upon completion of this comprehensive language program. In addition, high schools often grant credit for ACA courses as well. We’ll be happy to work with your school ahead of time to determine whether your ACA coursework qualifies for such credit. The community-service component can be applied toward high school graduation service requirements.

College credits are conferred through Jacksonville University and are transferable to most universities, according to a school’s specific standards. Official university transcripts, including course credit and grades, are available to each ACA student. As an added benefit, ACA’s professors are always happy to write recommendation letters for college.

The International College Of Barcelona

A Great Setting for Studying Spanish Language and Culture

ACA courses in Barcelona are held at the prestigious International College of Barcelona. Celebrated for its outstanding language program, the college boasts internationally respected faculty and a vibrant location right in the heart of the city with its many modernist architectural marvels. No matter what they study, ACA students have access to contemporary facilities and technology, making their learning experience as interactive as it is informative.

ACA’s Spanish Language Program

¿Se Habla Español? You will after this experience. ACA’s Spanish language program is rewarding and fun, and combines class study with Spanish student partnerships. You’ll enjoy genuine immersion into the language and culture!

Intercambio Partners – Put Your Spanish To Use

In addition to language class, you also put your conversational Spanish to use by practicing it with an intercambio partner – a native Spaniard who meets with small groups of ACA students once a week for planned discussions and activities. Your relaxed meetings occur in various locations throughout Barcelona, including cafés, sports events and art exhibits. You’ll learn about one another’s lives and cultures, improve your language skills and make a new Spanish friend to boot! This ACA exclusive feature is a unique, interactive way to guarantee that you improve your Spanish skills. And the best thing about it is that it is authentic Spanish fun!

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