"UW gave me a first hand experience of living on a college campus, and I loved it. I am so grateful and happy I met such amazing people at ACA!."
Skylar Kutasi, California

"UW Madison was by far the best summer camp I've ever had the privilege to attend. The experiences made possible by ACA were unforgettable, and words cannot describe how many lifelong friendships I made. If I could go back, I'd be there in a heartbeat!!"
Sydney Couch, Illinois

"I spent two of the best summers of my life on ACA trips! Barcelona and Florence were both incredible and i made amazing friendships and memories that will last forever!""
Samantha Locker, New York

"Madison was an awesome place to spend five weeks of my summer. There are endless landmarks and perfect weather! I got to meet so many fantastic people and wish I could go back! ACA Summer was the best summer of my life!"
Naomi Abankwah, Maryland

"Madison is one of the best cities in the US. The weather, the sites, the atmosphere. All that along with the ACA Program makes one great and memorable summer!"
Michael Walczak, Georgia

"My summer on ACA-Florence was truly an amazing experience. There was never a dull moment as each day was jammed packed with exciting daily and evening activities. ACA Florence was truly the best summer of my life!"
Henry Touma, New Jersey

"ACA Seville was amazing , seriously it was SICK!!!!!!!! I loved my summer much better than staying in Korea. It was unbelievable! I love my new friends and definitely all the staff! I am so glad that i was able to experience ACA! :)
Jin-uh Jung, Korea

"ACA-Wisconsin is an AMAZING program. While living on campus, you are able to enjoy the area and all of the fabulous activities that Madison has to offer!"
Abby Ingber, New Jersey

"My trip to Seville, Spain was absolutely amazing. Being able to experience a cultural immersion while still in high school is seriously one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did I see amazing things on my trip but the learning experience cannot be found anywhere else!"
Millie Hoffman, Wisconsin

"What an amazing summer I had with ACA. I got a real taste of what a college experience is like, and have enough memories to last am lifetime."
Jake Coleman, New Jersey

"UW was amazing! The campus was beautiful. There was always something to do and you were never bored. I would do anything to go back and be with all my friends."
Amanda Sloan, Michigan

"My summer at ACA was one of the greatest experiences of my life! I have amazing memories and made the best friends on this trip. ACA provided countless opportunities!"
Nicole Klein, Pennsylvania

"I absolutely LOVED my summer with ACA! The activities and staff were awesome, and I made friends that will last a lifetime!"
Jen Shavitz, Florida

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