The Rich Culture of Costa Rica

The culture of Costa Rica is characterized by having indigenous, European and Afro-Caribbean influences. It is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country. Costa Rica celebrates life of human and nature. Within this country, there are many initiatives towards sustainability in order to protect their rain forests and biodiversity. This is a land of lush scenery and delicious culinary cuisine.

Their cuisine takes influence from Aboriginal, Spanish and African culture. They are best known for their fresh seafood, fresh fruit, bananas and coffee.

San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, is their cultural epicenter. Around the city are a number of theaters and museums, with strong expressions for art and architecture. There is a thriving arts scene in this country. Costa Rica’s National Symphony Orchestra is among one of the best in the world, known for its number of national and young talents who perform across several European countries.

Costa Rica is a very attractive travel destination for many across the world due to its diversity and rich culture. There is something for everyone, from nature and animals, to bustling city life, to beautiful beaches.

It’s not in every country where you get to witness the beautiful rainforest habitats along with city life that comes with a rich artistic diverse culture.


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