The Importance of Trip Insurance

American Collegiate Adventures, Inc. offers a travel protection plan that allows you to protect your travel investment at an affordable rate. From injury and illness to delayed baggage, ACA has you covered!

One of the only predictable things about life is that it can be unpredictable at times. The same goes for traveling – flights may be delayed, luggage can get lost, and it can be stressful trying to figure out how to get your trip back on track. It is our priority to make sure your child arrives at our program locations ready to jump in and start their new adventures, so our Travel Protection Plan provides the coverage you need to make this possible.

Whether your child’s baggage is lost, damaged, or delayed, our Travel Protection Plan will reimburse you to help cover the cost of clothing, toiletries, personal items, or anything else your child may need.

If your child’s trip is cancelled or interrupted for any reason, ACA will work with you to reimburse the appropriate amount of meals and accommodations.

If your child has a serious illness or injury, the last thing you want to worry about is getting them the care they need. The American Collegiate Adventures, Inc. Travel Protection Plan gives you peace of mind with benefits that cover, up to the plan’s limits, everything from medical expenses (incurred during your Trip) to special transportation (such as an air ambulance) required for medical reasons.

Having a back-up plan is always important, especially when it comes to traveling. Consider purchasing our Travel Protection Plan to protect your travel investment!

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