Ten Things To Do In Florence

With our Summer Study Abroad Florence Program open for enrollment, we list our picks for top activities to enjoy while comparatively learning culture, art, design and business through the SRISA institute.

Discover Piazza della Signoria

The city’s historic republic center is where Michelangelo’s 17 foot tall masterpiece stands. Spend some Time with David before exploring Cosimo de Medici’s palace, the Palazzo Vecchio.

Walk through the Piazza del Duomo

Observe the Renaissance square’s engineering and architecture of the Florence Cathedral, Florence Baptistery and Giotto’s Campanile.

Climb atop the Duomo and the Campanile

Brunechelli’s Dome and the Campanile bell tower stand across each other offering scenic views of the city and Tuscany.

Visit the Museums

Accademia, Uffizi and Medici Chapel to marvel art created by Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Botticelli and other painters and sculptors once commissioned by the Medici family.

Walk through the Ponte Vecchio

Students love inspiration from Florentine designs and craftsmanship found along specialty ships along the Old Bridge.

Browse the shops

Get inspired by the Piazza Ciompi flea market for antique interior designs and Palazzo Pitti for handcrafted jewelry. Understand the leatherwork techniques from shop owners passed down centuries through their families.

Visit the Boboli Gardens

This open-air museum filled with groves and statues was once a peaceful retreat for the dukes of Florence. Grottos and basins lie among the Pitti Palace gardens.

Travel to the Tuscan countryside

Driving to the countryside is mandatory to experience the native Florentine lifestyle. The acres of greenery are home to vegetable groves and vineyards which are available for touring.

Explore the Mercato Central

Here you will be among the locals who sell their herbs and spices, produce and pastry to travelers and Florentines alike.

Enjoy the regional cuisine

Homemade gelato, butcher sandwich shops and Neopolitan pizza are located at most street corners. Take a food tour or cooking class to expand your creative vision and experience the hands on art.

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