SAT, ACT & TOEFL Courses

SAT & ACT Prep

These intensive 3-week courses build the skills you need to improve your college admissions test scores. Offering complete diagnostic evaluations each week, students will get the practice they need to prepare for either of these challenging exams. Intensive classroom instruction will help students prepare for all test sections, which can be the key to decreasing test anxiety, increasing test preparedness and maximizing test performance. The full SAT or ACT review includes all books, diagnostic exams and classroom materials. ACA students in our Wisconsin program will work with Kaplan Test Prep for their SAT and ACT preparation. Kaplan is renowned for consistently helping students earn the scores that reflect their true ability, helping secure admission to the schools of their choice!
Supplemental fee: $695

Please note: SAT and ACT courses will run approximately one hour longer than the other courses. However, the extended class time will not interfere with any other regularly scheduled ACA activities.


Admissions professionals use TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language) to determine the proficiency of non-native English speakers enrolling in American colleges and universities. If English is not your first language, a TOEFL course can better prepare you for this critical test. You get intensive instruction, smart test strategies, and plenty of verbal and written practice to help you achieve your desired score. A full-length TOEFL diagnostic exam is included.
Supplemental fee: $695

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