Personal Enrichment

College Admissions & Survival

Looking to be accepted at your dream school and then survive there? This class gives you intensive work on the college entrance application and tips to survive freshman year while keeping your sanity. This course focuses on writing effective admissions essays, getting noticed during interviews, mastering study success in a college environment, library research and winning test strategies. Teachers will keep you on your toes as you navigate this comprehensive course.

Health & Wellness* (Yoga, Nutrition & Fitness)

Everyone knows that a good diet and plenty of exercise are the keys to good health, but what’s going to work best for you? Are you a vegetarian yogi or a protein-pounding weight lifter? Whatever your well-being interest, this course will help you balance mind, body and spirit, discussing progressive fitness techniques and intelligent approaches to nutrition.

Outdoor Adventures*

Take to the waves or head over the wall! Whether you’re up for some canoeing and kayaking or you want to try your rock climbing skills, this course is the perfect fit for any outdoor sports enthusiast.

 *A supplemental supply or lab fee will apply.


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