Writing & Speaking Workshops

The World of Writing

For you, being a writer means more than putting pen to paper. It means refining your skills for creative storytelling, true-to-life narratives, fact-based essays, and even journalistic reports. This course will cover your bases while it teaches character development and smart dialogue plus the fundamentals of grammar and punctuation. Whether you’re about to start a best-selling novel or hoping to ace your next big report, this is the “write” course for you!

Journalism & the Art of Interviewing

Everyone knows that we live in a fast-paced, information-dependent culture – and we need skilled, entertaining personalities to provide us with what we need to know. Whether it’s serious news served up CNN style or a lighthearted late-night talk show, anchors, hosts and reporters have worked hard to ask compelling questions and create engaging interview styles. You’ll study classic ways to cover a story, interview a celebrity and interact with an audience. Stick with it and you could become one of the trusted faces we see on TV every night!

Public Speaking/Debating

Want to learn how to get your point across more effectively? Then this is the course for you. You’ll learn the fundamental building blocks of speaking and debating, including verbal and non-verbal techniques, delivery styles, audience analysis, topic selection and ways of overcoming pre-speech anxiety.

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