Enrollment Options

Option ONE:
• Enroll in one of our Athletic Advantage Courses.
Option TWO:
• Participate in our semi-private and group instruction during your Afternoon Activities at no additional charge.
Option THREE:
• Arrange Intensive Personal Training. (Contact our office for more details.)

Athletic Advantage

This summer, ACA has some serious game! Now, you can take sports-specific courses designed to help you get the most out of your athletic ambition, whether you just want to break a sweat, stay in shape or have your eyes on a state championship!


Add velocity to your serve. Learn to charge the net with confidence. Unlock the power of your backhand. Or maybe just get a better understanding of the game’s fundamentals. All this is possible when you step on the court with ACA. You’ll play on top-caliber courts and get valuable instruction on how to take your game to the top!


Maybe you want to make your drive come alive. You might be struggling with your short game. This course will help you drop strokes and really get into the swing of things. Focused, individual instruction helps you work through your specific golf challenges, taking you from tee to green with confidence and control!


It’s time to throw around a little iron! You might be a varsity athlete looking to gain muscle and build power. Perhaps you want to balance your aerobic activity with some strength training. And maybe you’re just sick of being out of shape! This course will get you in the weight room and give you the tools to really work for peak physical performance. Don’t be intimidated. It’s for everyone!


Ready to be a force on the field? Fancy footwork is just the beginning. From building more intricate attack strategies to solidifying your defensive play, your soccer skills are in for a kick. You’ll play on outstanding top-notch collegiate fields with coaches who understand the intricacies of the game and know how to improve the performance of any player.

*A supplemental supply or lab fee will apply.

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