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Advertising, Marketing & Popular Culture

From sports stars selling SUVs to pop singers selling soda, advertising and marketing is a huge part of our culture. Sure, it is essential to business, but it also reflects our society. How do advertisers and marketers determine the best way to influence consumers? What campaigns are the most effective? What new trends is technology creating? If you’re planning on influencing others through advertising, public relations or marketing, understanding these concepts will be essential. Get a head start!

"True" Trials & Criminal Justice

All rise! Criminal trials have taken over the American airwaves. From celebrity scandals to Homeland Security trials, courtroom dramas have become big news. Whether you’re an aspiring attorney or just like a good argument, this course is for you. Learn the legal nuts and bolts that hold the U.S. judicial system together, and then put that persuasive power to the test by participating in a mock trial. You’ll be part of a crew getting ready for a “big trial,” learning how to develop convincing opening and closing arguments plus successful direct- and cross-examination styles. It’s a first-hand experience of the real inner workings of our legal system. Any objections?

Entrepreneurial Excellence –
From Initial Concept to the Final Product

Launching your own company isn’t for everyone. Only the most daring, determined types need apply, but if you have what it takes, you’ll be in the same league as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, or Google guys Larry Page and Sergey Brin. If you’re ready to develop your own startup, this course could be your first step on the road to success! You’ll create a business plan, hoping to cash in on your innovation and creativity. Research your market, work up a template to put your plan into action, and let your inner entrepreneur take command.

Financial Markets

The past decade witnessed one of history’s most successful stock market runs – followed by one of its most devastating declines. What caused this incredible rise and major fall? What do mortgage defaults and taxpayer bailouts mean to your future investment opportunities? Are banks really too big to fail, or should they take their hits in the free market like any business? You’ll examine these tough questions, plus get the chance to create and manage your own investment portfolio! See you on Wall Street!


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