Creative Arts

Digital Photography* (Beginner and Advanced)

Photography has evolved more dramatically than any other art form, and digital technology has revolutionized how we take pictures. This hands-on course will introduce you to both the basics of taking great digital pictures and advanced tricks for making them even more creative and compelling. You’ll learn how to crop images, adjust color and contrast, and save your work as a great keepsake of your ACA experience! Whether you hope to shoot fashion models and rock stars, capture images of rare animals in the wild or just want to take good vacation photos, this course is picture perfect! Please note: Some studio time outside of regular class is required, and students must supply their own cameras.

Introduction to Culinary Skills*

Find your inner Emeril! Everyone should know his or her way around the kitchen. In this appetizing course, students get comfortable with cuisine and understand that preparing food is a delicious art. You’ll learn gourmet tricks and tips that are sure to satisfy. For your final project, you’ll really get cooking, preparing special meals for fellow ACA students and staff. Bon appetít!

Fashion Design*

Do you know the work of Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and other top designers? This exciting design class will help you hone your fashion sense and express yourself at the same time! You’ll learn how to combine colors, shapes, fabrics and textures to create a look that’s all your own. You might start the next fashion craze!

*A supplemental supply or lab fee will apply.

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