Entertainment Industry Courses


If making it to the silver screen is your dream, then start in the land where stars go to hit it big. You’ll explore the fundamentals of acting, finding your motivation, and creating dynamic scenes through conflict and resolution, while mastering any sense of stage fright. You’ll also gain the benefit of practicing these elements through both individual and duo-scene performances. Refine your talent further by engaging in the most popular acting theories, including Constantin Stanislavski’s “magic if,” Lee Strasberg’s “the method,” and the Meisner technique. To complete your acting class, you’ll also participate in a live audition with Emmy-nominated casting director Fern Champion.


Whether you want to make compelling documentaries or blockbuster feature films, you need to understand the basics before anyone yells, “Action!” This high-altitude introduction lets students actually make a film while learning every aspect: direction, cinematography, editing — even special effects and soundtracks. Learn the details of screenwriting from initial story idea to final draft. Experience how directing, paired with cinematography and smart lighting, bring a script to life. Ground yourself in the important technical essentials, from the best equipment to the right way to select film stock or digital video gear. You’ll also get a VIP private tour at the Warner Brothers Studio back lot to see a Hollywood production in action, and then eat in the private WB restaurant. Who knows, you might be on your way to becoming the next Spielberg!


Are you an aspiring Quentin Tarantino or Diablo Cody? Do you have awesome movie ideas? This course develops those natural storytelling skills in ways that shape a film’s plot, structure and characters, as well as honing the script’s descriptive writing. You’ll learn the industry standard for formatting a script, practice writing short scripts, and then draft your own original feature. You’ll also pitch your story to Hollywood producers to see if they might be interested in your screenplay. Get ready to see your story on the big screen!


Develop the essential, real-life skill set necessary to navigate a shooting set as director and crew and experience the creative process from the actor’s point of view. You’ll analyze and break down scripts to understand characters, dialog, and story as you learn how the most successful director develop rapport with their actors. Gain get hands-on experience using pro level equipment to block and stage action for the camera, make aesthetic choices in the moment and learn the ins and outs of the casting process using professional-level facilities, standing sets, studios and equipment.


Create a visual mood using a wide array of industry-standard lighting and camera equipment with individualized guidance from experienced professional Hollywood cinematographers. Gain advanced knowledge in lighting and camera essentials to better learn how to “Write with Light”. You’ll experience hands-on training and learn the inner workings of a wide array of cameras from 16mm to 35mm cameras, to the digital Alexa and Red cameras used on today’s Hollywood feature films. You will even create and be the Director of Cinematography on a series of challenging mini-scenes that tell a story without the need for dialogue.

Editing & Visual Effects

Immerse yourself in the real-life role of the digital film editor as you learn to tell screen stories in the most entertaining and exciting way possible. From studying the language and theory of editing to practicing your skills by creating a demo reel, this course has all the bases covered. You’ll experience hands-on training in Columbia College Hollywood’s industry-standard digital suites using the same editing software used by professional Hollywood editors.

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