International Business Institute & Entrepreneurial Studies

You’ve always wanted to make your mark on the business world. Now is your chance to get a head start! Through this impressive program, you’ll learn business fundamentals: entrepreneurship, finance, economics, marketing and public relations. You’ll also get real-world experience to sharpen those skills. We introduce you to business professionals and CEOs from your favorite companies while also letting you experience life as a business major. During these 3 weeks, you’ll focus on:

International Business & World Financial Markets

Bring your business knowledge to new heights! The many nations of Europe have combined to become a major player in world commerce, impacting how Europe and the United States conduct business. This week, you’ll have a unique opportunity to understand how Europe and the United States are working together and the challenges they face as they compete in an increasingly global marketplace.

Financial Markets

Discover money matters during this exciting week. You’ll examine why the past decade witnessed one of the most successful stock market runs—followed by one of its most devastating declines. Discuss what caused this incredible event, and what mortgage defaults and taxpayer bailouts mean for future investments. You’ll even get a chance to create and manage your own investment portfolio!

Entrepreneurial Excellence

Get ready to learn what it takes to launch your own company! This week lets you create a business plan that showcases your creativity and innovation, while proving the importance of market research and business templates. Who knows, your idea could join the league of Facebook or Google!


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