Your time in Italy will be enhanced by exciting weekend adventures to spectacular nearby cities at no additional cost. You’ll make your way to these legendary sites via deluxe, modern motorcoaches. In whichever city we visit, rest assured that you’ll stay in safe, comfortable accommodations. As always, ACA staff are there to make sure every trip exceeds your expectations.

Rome (3 Days) (2 & 4 Week Program)

As the old saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome.” A legendary capital, and one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, it truly is the “Eternal City.” The streets are alive with shops, restaurants, art and entertainment. Get your shopping fix at the Spanish Steps, home to Fendi, Gucci, Armani, Bulgari and Valentino, then stand in awe at the Colosseum and even get your picture taken with a local “Gladiator.”


  • Monument to Vittorio Emanuelle II
    Known by the Romans as the “wedding cake” or “typewriter,” it is also home to the tomb of the unknown soldier, guarded around the clock by loyal carabinieri.
  • The Colosseum
    Where gladiators did battle to thrill the cheering Roman crowds. The word arena comes from the Latin word for sand, which was spread on the Colosseum floor.
  • Spanish Steps
    Built in 1725, and long a gathering place for foreigners, it is today a renowned destination for those favorite Italian activities – designer shopping and people watching!
  • The Forum
    Here’s where Romans found out who had the real gift of gab. A site for festivals and ceremonies, the Forum also surrounds the most ancient part of the city.
  • The Pantheon
    Final resting place for Italy’s most famous kings, it has architectural innovations not found even in contemporary designs!
  • Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel
    The smallest country in the world, the center of Catholicism and home to priceless art, it is protected by the magnificently costumed Swiss Guard.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica
    Marvel at the architecture, especially the magnificent dome designed by Michelangelo.
  • Trevi FountainOne of the city’s most splendid and cinematic landmarks. Make sure you throw in some coins to ensure your return to the Eternal City!

Venice (2 Days) (3 & 4 Week Program)

Venice is known for its maze of waterways. A gondola ride is a must! But this captivating city is also a true artistic haven, with more great art and architecture per square inch than any other place in the world.

  • St. Mark’s Square
    Marvel at the architecture, sit and relax at a quaint café, people watch or try the favorite tradition – feeding the pigeons!
  • The Guggenheim Museum
    A 20th-century counterpart to a city filled with ancient masters, where you’ll find the work of modern masters like Picasso, Miró, Kandinsky and Pollock.
  • The Murano Museum of Glass
    The world-renowned craftsmanship displayed in these incredible glass works inspired trends that transformed everyday items into contemporary art.
  • The Venetian Jewish Quarter
    Believed to be the first ghetto in the world, it is home to the Museo Ebraico, a museum that explains the rich history of Jews in Venice.
  • The Doge’s Palace
    Home of the Doge (chief magistrate) until the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797, the building dates back to 1309. Step in to find both beautiful symbols of Venetian culture and the dark cells where prisoners were held.

Siena (4 Week Program)

Founded by Roman emperor Augustus Caesar, Siena has preserved its medieval feel. For a classic example, head to Il Campo Square and race to the top of the Torre del Mangia, a 13th-century tower that has an incredible view. Catch your breath in the Piazza, the location of the famed Palio horse race, a colorful yet intensely competitive event among the city’s neighborhoods.

Forte dei Marmi (3 & 4 Week Program)

This is our destination to view some of Italy’s most spectacular coastline, and the upscale shops are equally exciting for serious shoppers! You will love spending time enjoying the amazing location, boutiques and cafés.

Viareggio (3 & 4 Week Program)

What good is time under the Tuscan sun if you can’t find a beautiful stretch of beach? The seaside resort of Viareggio is our destination for all sun-worshippers and beach fans. There’s a pristine expanse of white sandy beach available for catching a few rays or simply taking a picturesque walk. In the evening, we will complete this glorious day in Viareggio with a very special Italian dining experience.

San Gimignano (4 Week Program)

As you explore the streets of this 14th-century town, you’ll be transported back to the heyday of the Florentine republic. Fifteen splendid medieval towers command the city, including the only one left on the famous Pentagonal Fortress. A careful climb rewards with a breathtaking view. The Piazza della Cisterna sits at the heart of San Gimignano. Surrounding it is a host of museums, galleries and cathedrals, each home to splendid works of art.

Pisa (3 & 4 Week Program)

Of course we’ll get a good look at the Leaning Tower, where Galileo conducted his experiments on the force of gravity and dared to suggest that the Earth revolved around the Sun. We’ll also take in the Campo dei Miracoli (the Field of Miracles), a grassy square surrounded by stunning architecture.

The Enchanting Amalfi Coast & Capri Excursion (3 Days) (4 Week Program)

Enjoy three days and two nights touring some of world’s most scenic towns when you visit the Amalfi Coast – Ancient Rome’s version of the Hamptons – where emperors built villas into the cliffs of Italy’s spectacular coastline. Marvel at the picturesque cliffs of Sorrento and explore the Blue Grotto, Capri’s underwater sea cave. You’ll also visit the celebrity beach playground of Positano and stroll the whitewashed streets of Amalfi. And wait until you check out the famous city of Pompeii – completely covered by an eruption from Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Today it’s a time capsule of life 2,000 years ago.
Please Note: The excursion to the Amalfi Coast replaces the day trip to Siena and San Gimignano for students who select this excursion. (Supplemental fee: $495)


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