The Italian Language
(3 Credits)

Each weekday morning, you’ll attend Italian classes geared to your skill level, learning to master conversational and written communication as you practice linguistic structures and tenses, with a focus on proper pronunciation. Students with more advanced skills can focus on more complex sentence structure and verb tenses. The emphasis is on reading, writing and comprehension.

But most of all, you have the entire city of Florence as your classroom! Whether you’re a total beginner or practically fluent, you’ll be amazed at how much better your Italian becomes and just how much fun learning a language can be when you immerse yourself in the culture.

The program offers three levels of classes to choose from, with placement dependent upon previous Italian language experience as well as your own comfort level.

Elementary Italian

The beginning class, covering basic pronunciation, sentence structure, numbers, present-tense verb conjugation and the introduction of past tense.

Intermediate Italian

This class picks up where the elementary class ends, covering more in-depth use of the past tense, along with the imperfect, future and conditional tenses as well as subjunctives.

Advanced Italian

The ideal class for students desiring greater proficiency in Italian conversation as well as composition. The course employs readings and discussions on contemporary subjects.

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