Cultural & Business Courses

Spanish Culture & Society*

History comes to life in this incredible class, and the city of Barcelona itself becomes your primary text! In short lectures held twice each week, you learn about the waves of conquest and colonization that shaped Spain, from its Roman foundations to the indelible influence of the Moors. You’ll also see how this diversity gave Spain a unique atmosphere conducive to creativity and made it one of the world’s great sources of inspiring art and incredible architecture. Three days a week, you visit the sites discussed in class days before! This is interactive learning at its best. You get a perspective of Spain unavailable in any book.

Architecture & Art History*

This inspiring look at Spanish art and architecture will introduce you to world-renowned galleries and take you on tours of legendary buildings. Focusing on the awesome accomplishments of the many great artists and architects from Barcelona, you’ll enhance your understanding of the Spanish influence on painting, sculpture and construction, which still resonates with architects and engineers worldwide. Marvel at the ornate Gothic influence still seen in buildings today and examine the works of modernist masters who revolutionized the appearance of skylines around the world

International Business & World Financial Markets

Get a close look at the way the world really works! Learn how world markets interact and how investors learn to profit as a result. The euro has changed the way the European Union, and therefore the world, does business! Examine the interaction of currencies, which play a huge role in the health and wealth of the world’s economy. You’ll learn about the distinct challenges of running a successful company in the dynamic international arena.

* A supplemental supply or lab fee will apply.

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