Art Courses

Digital Photography*

Improve your picture-taking ability in a city that demands to be photographed. The city of Barcelona provides you with centuries of artistic and architectural beauty – remarkable subject matter that will give you plenty of inspiration! This course will help you develop an understanding of how to create unforgettable photos using proper lighting and composition. Please note: A darkroom is not featured in this course, and students must supply their own cameras.

Drawing & Painting*

If you need to indulge your artistic side, this course is ideal. Select either the drawing or the painting concentration, then view legendary works of Italian art and use them to inspire your own skills. Pursue painting and watercolor techniques, or try your hand at both surreal and traditional Spanish-inspired drawing and sketching. See if you can tap the Picasso within!

The Art of Flamenco*

These passionate people have taken swirling, dramatic dance movements and matched them to pulsating guitar and powerful percussion. Will you be able to keep up? Find out if you have the footwork and the fire to dance Flamenco, and understand a bit more about the energy and intrigue that define Spain itself. You’ll study the steps and get a chance to check out lavish gowns and colorful costumes as vibrant as Spain itself.

Go Gourmet, Spanish Style!

It’s no surprise that such a vibrant, colorful culture has such amazing cuisine. Here’s your chance to learn some kitchen fundamentals that will make you the star of the next family feast! Learn from excellent professional Spanish chefs who know how to satisfy big Barcelona appetites. Of course you get to enjoy your efforts, so show up hungry! Please note: This course provides unique opportunities to train with culinary instructors preparing truly gourmet and authentic meals.

Please Note: Public transportation accompanied by ACA staff is permitted if you are enrolled in this course. 

Supplemental fee: $495

* A supplemental supply or lab fee will apply.

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