Around Town and Beyond
All work and no play – no way!

From the energetic streets to the dramatic architecture, the sights and sounds of Barcelona will fill your senses. This is Spain at its most international and energetic, with dramatic architecture of Gaudí, the acclaimed art of Picasso and Dalí. Ride to the top of the Mirador de Colon, a monument to Christopher Columbus that has Barcelona’s most incredible ocean view! Then stroll up the famous Rambla – be sure to stop at the Gran Teatre del Liceu, one of the most legendary theaters in Europe.

Eat Your Heart Out

Spanish cuisine features an almost overwhelming array of flavorful foods, and Barcelona serves up some of the best. Of course, because it’s a truly international city, you’ll also get to enjoy signature dishes representing the most satisfying European fare. Within Spain, Barcelona is famous for the Mediterranean accent of its menus, but it is also home to nueva cocina española, the cutting edge of Spanish cuisine known for blending ingredients in innovative ways. Whether you have a taste for tradition or want to try something on the culinary cutting edge, Barcelona delivers. And just about any time of day, you can enjoy Spain’s signature dish, tapas. These small, simple dishes are much like American appetizers and are a delicious way to try a few bites of many different delicacies. To really dine Spanish style, become a pasear, strolling from one restaurant to the next, sampling, snacking and meeting new friends along the way.

Paint the Town

Barcelona is home to many artists, drawn there by its boundless beauty. If you’re into the cultural side of life, you can spend your free time perusing namesake galleries dedicated to the works of Dalí, Picasso, and Míro. Or check out museums dedicated to great poets, architects, and historical events from Gothic, Roman, and pre-Columbian times.

Explore the Real Barcelona

Wander mysterious alleyways in the Gothic Quarter. Cross ancient cobblestone streets to view historic churches. Grab some tapas from a small shop, then stroll by stunning masterpieces of modernist architecture. Need something sweet? Stop at a local gelateria for an amazing frozen treat rich with cinnamon and chocolate, or a refreshing fruit sorbet.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

A person could spend days exploring the many markets and shops of Barcelona. It’s a shopper’s paradise! Whether you are snapping up traditional handicrafts or visiting a chic boutique, you are sure to find unique gifts for yourself or for your friends and family back home. If you really want to flex your shopping muscles, a visit to Las Ramblas and the Passeig de Grácia are essential! Another favorite is La Ribiera, a well-known part of town, to track down designer clothes and shoes. Just look for the huge 13th-century church, and you’re there.

Barcelona Is Amazing When the Sun Goes Down

Barcelona nightlife might be the most vibrant in all of Europe! Find a spot at a hip street café and watch the beautiful people stroll by. Get swept up in the passionate performances of street musicians and dancers, and bask in the city’s illuminated energy. Many of Barcelona’s architectural landmarks come alive with light at night. If you think they are incredible during the day, just wait until you see them when the stars are out!

Catch a Flick

The open-air cinema is a concept almost unique to Spain. The nighttime Spanish sky creates a setting so beautiful, you might miss the movie! Still, if you need a flick fix, it’s the place to go.

It’s Only Natural

If nature’s your thing, you’ll be happy to know that Barcelona boasts a sensational shoreline. Take a bike tour through the city, or stroll the many sculpture gardens and hidden parks. Barcelona has amazing green spaces integrated into the cityscape, creating a sense of tranquility right in the midst of all the excitement.

Celebrate with Barcelona

Barcelona hosts amazing summer celebrations! The city is alive with performance, music, singing and dancing, and plenty of art. Dramatic nighttime lighting gives the city an energetic backdrop perfect for a summer spent with new amigos. The experience, like the city itself, is truly unforgettable!

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