The Center of Italian Elegance!

Your stay in Italy puts you in the heart of a legendary landscape, where you’ll explore a history-rich region that is the very cornerstone of Italian culture and the picturesque center of international tourism. Your Italian home will be one of the most popular cities in all of Europe — Sorrento! Set on the cliffside of the Gulf of Naples, its charming cobblestone streets lead to quaint cafés, open-air markets and trattorias serving delicious food, as well as internationally renowned art galleries, museums and world-class shopping!

Sorrento remains the most elegant of Italian towns with a plethora of shop-filled plazas, chic boutiques, museums and magnificent architectural landmarks. Sorrento is set between the sea and the mountains, which provides ample opportunities for swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities. The mild, sun-drenched Mediterranean climate, the friendly southern hospitality, and the trattorias alive with conversation and amazing cuisine have made Sorrento the living heart of the Italian lifestyle — known throughout Europe and the world.

As you explore this stunning city, you’re sure to be won over by the charming Italian people. Living in one of the world’s most popular cities has not changed their embrace of the Italian lifestyle, celebrating a love of art, cuisine and culture!

Savor European Style on the Amalfi Coast

Unlike ordinary international pre-college programs, ACA’s experience in Sorrento is not a homestay! Instead, students live and learn together, staying in a three or four star hotel overlooking the Marina Grande of Sorrento, perched on the cliffside, with incredible views, and steps away from the harbor and the harbor-side restaurants. The hotel features in-suite bathrooms, televisions, housekeeping and air conditioning. Of course, ACA staff live on-site, ensuring a safe, comfortable stay.

Sights, Shops and Incredible Cuisine!

Take a flavor-filled walk through the lively street markets of the Marina Grande. Browse chic boutiques, stroll traditional Roman-style alleys and soak up the sun on the city’s popular beaches. Discover quaint plazas, inspiring galleries and magnificent museums. Sample truly authentic culinary traditions based on fresh, local seafood and produce. Sorrento is home to some of the best pizza and gelato you will find anywhere!

Staying in Shape— Euro Style

Don’t worry about too much pasta putting the hurt on your exercise efforts. ACA makes it easy to maintain your fitness routine, or even kick-start a new exercise habit! You’ll be able to stay in shape, enjoying the many beaches and recreational options. Workout junkies will be able to enjoy aerobics and weight training at our local gym, and there are even opportunities to play tennis, go biking or enjoy an afternoon hike. Of course, you and a few friends could always just lace up your running shoes for a jog through the cobblestone streets or along the picturesque coast. We’ve also lined up other options for anyone who likes to stay active, so bring your workout gear along — unless you’re interested in treating yourself to a whole new wardrobe of designer Italian active wear!

Playing It Safe

At ACA, we believe safety comes first. That’s why we maintain an eight-to-one student-to-staff ratio — one of the lowest in the industry! This lets us offer unmatched attention and unique personalized programs.

As part of our commitment to student safety, ACA staff members live on every student-occupied floor and accompany students on all activities and excursions. ACA also uses chartered coach and taxi services to get around town — never public transportation. All ACA staff members are always equipped with cellphones.

For additional safety, ACA provides all students with local cellphones, allowing them to maintain easy contact with directors and staff!

The hotel adds an additional element of security, as well. The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day with trained personnel for your comfort and convenience.

Parents will be reassured to know that Sorrento is a friendly city with all the modern medical and safety resources one would expect of a popular European tourist destination.


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