For a truly unique academic and cultural immersion experience, ACA’s Amalfi Coast program combines college- level language study with exciting opportunities to examine subjects from classical Italian art to the dynamics of archaeology. And when it comes to experiencing and examining Italian culture, you’re where it all began. The city of Sorrento literally becomes your classroom.

ACA lets you take either a college-level language, archaeology or photography class for college credits or a com- munity service course during your stay in Sorrento. You will also have the opportunity to participate in ACA's Italian Culture & Society course two afternoons a week.

Courses are held at Sorrento’s Sant’Anna Institute, a renowned school perched on the cliffs of the coast, over- looking the fishing village of Marina Grande. Courses are offered only to ACA students, meet four days a week and are graded on a conventional grading system.

College credits are conferred through Jacksonville University and are transferable to most universities, according to their individual standards. Official university transcripts, including course credit and grades, are available to each ACA student. As an added benefit, ACA’s instructors are always happy to write recommendation letters for college. 

The Sant’Anna Institute

An Unbeatable Italian Setting for Studying Italian Language, Culture and Art

The Sant’Anna Institute is known throughout Europe for its dedication to working with international students. ACA students will benefit from language programs that encourage the development of speaking and reading skills, as well as listening and writing. You’ll also appreciate the school’s small class sizes, which encourage participation in the learning process. Try the photography course for the artistic, or explore the remains and reconstruction of ancient cities in the archaeology course.  

ACA’s Italian Language Program

Whether you are hoping to enhance your already strong language skills or you are just beginning your studies, you’ll say “Parlo Italiano” and really mean it after you get back from Sorrento! ACA’s Italian language program is fun and fulfilling, combining classroom study with authentic Italian practice. You’ll enjoy the benefits of real immersion into this remarkable language and culture! No prior Italian required!

Elementary Italian
The beginning class covers basic pronunciation, sentence structure, numbers, present-tense verb conjugation and the introduction of past tense.

Intermediate Italian
This class picks up where the elementary class ends, covering more in-depth use of the past tense, along with the imperfect, future and conditional tenses, as well as subjunctives.

Advanced Italian
The ideal class for students desiring greater proficiency in Italian conversation as well as composition. The course employs readings and discussions on contemporary subjects.


Archaeology studies past cultures and societies through their material remains. You’ll be introduced to archaeology, focusing on some major Roman cities destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. This course combines archaeological study with analysis of the historical, economic and social aspects of Roman culture. You’ll even participate in exciting site visits to examine the remains and reconstruction of ancient cities.


Improve your picture-taking ability in a city that demands to be photographed. Sorrento provides you with centuries of artistic and architectural beauty and landscapes — remarkable subject matter that will give you plenty of inspiration! This course will help you develop an understanding of how to create unforgettable photos using proper f-stops, lighting, composition, subject matter and color.
Please note: A darkroom is not featured in this course, and students must supply their own cameras.

Community Service 

Spend your summer making a difference. Join us in ACA’s Community Service Program, which allows students to participate in fulfilling service projects earning 20 hours of service.
“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.” So said Albert Einstein, and we think you’ll agree that these opportunities provide rewarding ways to spend some of your time, reaching out to the less-advantaged residents of Italy. ACA’s carefully crafted program exposes you to multiple aspects of service, ensuring fulfilling projects that leave a positive mark. Upon completion, every participant receives an official certificate highlighting the total number of hours volunteered and projects completed.
Please Note: Daily project start times may vary and sessions can run longer than traditional classes.

Italian Culture & Society*

Two afternoons each week, you’ll discover the culture — behaviors, values, beliefs and items of excellence — of the people of Italy. This ACA exclusive course will explore the differences and similarities of the Italian and American cultures. You’ll participate in field trips to discover the values and characteristics unique to Italians and compare and contrast them with your own customs and culture. You’ll leave this course with greater intercultural knowledge and awareness of the world and what makes various cultures so unique, similar and extraordinary.

*All ACA students participate in this course twice a week.



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