As many of you may know investing in just a regular education is quite expensive, so why would anyone invest in supplemental educational experiences? Well the answer is simple, competitive edge. The moment your student is asked what sets him or her apart from another student, his or her answers will involve experiences from their summer programs. Every student will not be able to say that he or she studied film in LA every summer since the age of 14 and worked with experts in the field to create their own film by the age of 16. Not every student will be able to say that they can adapt in any environment as they have lived with other kids from all over the world every summer for their entire high school career. Pre-college programming gives our Little Birds a chance to leave the nest at a very young age with a safety net underneath them. A lot of the homesickness that students may feel their freshman year in college would be alleviated because of having the experience of being away from home for a month each summer. At ACA, we pride ourselves in safety and the ability to give students the experience of a lifetime. We want to not only enrich them academically but socially and culturally as well. Our programs are tailored to really give teens a real college experience without the fear of having to pursue higher education alone.

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