A Day at Wisconsin

Each day on the ACA Wisconsin Pre-College Summer Program was exciting, different, and memorable. The days were made up of enrichment class 1, lunch, enrichment class 2, chill time, afternoon activity, dinner, and evening activity. Before beginning the trip, everyone signed up for two classes; I chose Advertising, Marketing, and Pop Culture as my morning class and community service for the afternoon. My roommates and I had, and still have, a severe addiction to coffee. Luckily for us, our door, the Statesider, is on State Street, the busiest street on campus. So, every morning we would start by getting coffee at different places until we found the perfect one; our favorite is Espresso Royale. Then we would walk to our first class respectively which lasted an hour and a half. After, we had the choice of four different restaurants for lunch. Each place was unique and specific to the atmosphere and personality of Madison. After lunch, we walked to our second class which also was for an hour and a half. Once that class was over, we had an hour to relax, hang out in our rooms, and get ready for our afternoon activity. We always had the choice between going to the Terrace or the SERF. The Terrace is one of the most well known parts about the University of Wisconsin campus. It overlooks Lake Mendota and you can go kayaking and paddleboarding or just enjoy some ice cream and live music. The SERF, or South Eastern Recreational Facility, is the gym on campus. There are basketball and volleyball courts, pools, cardio equipment, and weight machines. Additionally, my roommates and I would take hot yoga and spin classes around the corner. Then, we had some time to get ready for dinner. Most nights we ate in the campus dining facilities, but we had the opportunity to go at least twice a week to different restaurants around Madison. Our favorites were Red Sushi and Fresno Rooftop Restaurant. Once everyone was back at Statesider, we would head out as a group to our evening activity. We did so many different things that would not be the same anywhere else: open mic night at the Terrace, a Mallard’s baseball game, or scavenger hunts around campus. To finish each day, we would spend time relaxing on our floors, watching movies together, and making more memories. Day after day, we experienced Wisconsin to the fullest with no boring moments.


By Samantha Rosenstein

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