“A Constant Feeling And Vibe Unlike Any Other” by Ben Gold

Thinking back on my ACA Wisconsin experience, it is much too difficult to pick out a specific memory of the countless greats.Though everyday was filled with fun, laughter, and adventure, I think back to waking up every morning. I would wake up and make my way downstairs to see all my friends who I had grown to love, chatting and making the best of an average morning. The greatest thing was the feeling of comfort and peace, being with people I could call friends and spending quality time in such an amazing environment. Each unique individual contributed to this atmosphere but we took after our leaders who created an environment beyond compare. Fun and good times gracefully drifted through the air, inviting each and every person to enjoy themselves and make the best of their amazing opportunity. My ACA Wisconsin experience cannot be measured in specific moments or events but as a constant feeling and vibe unlike any other. I truly value this experience and sincerely hope every kid can be blessed with the life-changing experience I had.

By Ben Gold

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